The eye area is one of the first to begin showing the signs of aging. The signs of aging can begin to affect the eyes, causing lines at the corners and causing the eyelids to begin to sag. These issues make a person look older than they actually are and can cause a person to feel self-conscious about their appearance. Eyelid surgery procedures help to reduce sagging of the eyelids and smooth the wrinkles for a more youthful eye appearance. This information seeks to inform individuals of what they can expect from the procedure.

Types of Eyelid Surgeries

There are three main types of eyelid surgeries available to help individuals overcome the signs of aging. The type a person will receive will depend on the results of their consultation appointment. The surgeon will carefully examine their patient’s eyes and determine which surgical procedure will be most beneficial. The following are the three types of procedures.

  • Upper eyelid surgery is carried out to remove any excess skin that may be causing sagging. Removing this excess tissue not only makes the eye area look more youthful, it also helps prevent vision obstructions.
  • Double eyelid surgery is performed to create a natural-looking crease in the upper eyelid. This procedure is sometimes called the westernization surgery. Asian patients often have this procedure carried out.
  • Lower eyelid surgery is performed to remove lines and wrinkles below the eye. It is also used to reduce puffiness, remove excess skin, and smooth the undereye area.

Sometimes, more than one procedure is carried out at a time so the entire eye area is made to look much more youthful. Once healing takes place, people are amazed at how much this surgery improves their appearance.

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